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Lithuanian Veterinary Academy/LVA-LT is a state higher institution of studies and science that was established in 1936. Lithuanian Veterinary Academy is the only higher education institution of this type in Lithuania. It has two faculties: Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry technology together forming sixteen departments and nine scientific laboratories. A Large Animal Clinic and L. Kriau?eli?nas Small Animal Clinic are situated in the Academy's campus as well. At the Academy one can pursue the specialty of veterinary surgeon or animal husbandry technologist. Here work 117 lecturers of whom 85 are awarded research and academic titles and 8 are researchers. The Academy has two affiliated research institutes: Lithuanian Veterinary Institute, Lithuanian Institute of Animal Science.

The academy has a great number of international projects. In the last two years there were about 20 projects most of which in fields of animal genetics, animal reproduction, nutrition, veterinary hygiene, microbiology and method, theoretic basis of extension and improvement of production quality of cattle and poultry genetic productivity. The Academy is a member of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (E.A.E.V.E), a member of Baltic Organization of Veterinary and Agriculture universities (BOVA); Lithuanian Veterinary Academy joined SOCRATES/ERASMUS programme since 1999 year and carrying the organization of Student Mobility (SM) for post-graduate studies, Teaching Staff Assignments of short duration (TS); European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Academy had S-JEP 07 115-94 project in 1994, together with the Hohenheim University (Germany) and the Wageningen University (Holland).

Lithuanian Veterinary Academy has bilateral cooperation agreements with veterinary higher education institutions in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Israel, and Poland.

Lithuanian Veterinary Academy has made curriculum for BSc, second stage vocational studies and M. Sc of Ecological Animal Husbandry, Foodstuff Safety. LVA render following consultations: animal welfare, wellness and ecological forage production. The consultations are stressing for advisory centers, private enterprises and private farmers. Some lecturers from LVA have experience working with ecological animal husbandry & animal welfare. Near LVA there is established Rehabilitation Center of Small wild Animals. It has 15 units in different districts of Lithuania. The purpose of this center there is: to care of wild animal, educative activity, development of laws, directives.

By order of Agriculture Ministry the studio of premises of ecological feed production in Lithuania is pursuing.

The role of Lithuanian Veterinary Academy in the project:

  • Creation a stable linkage between the Baltic States agricultural advisory system and organic husbandry academic community,

  • Selection the methodology and creation a detailed curricula of the organic animal husbandry module,

  • Preparation of the vocational training material according the concrete curriculum requirement,

  • Participation in the testing of the vocational training materials and do adjustments if necessary,

  • Participation in organization the workshops and the conferences in the frame of the project,

  • Participation in evaluation and dissemination activities of the project according to the work programme..

For more details please visit http://www.lva.lt

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