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Universität Hohenheim/HU-DE consists from 3 Faculties: Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences. The research activities of Faculties, Departments and other Institutions at the University focus mainly on: agricultural and nutritional research, research in international economics, research for the tropics and subtropics, environmental research, European research. About 5 000 students are currently enrolled at Hohenheim, with approximately equal shares pursuing study programmes in natural sciences, agronomy and economics, and sciences respectively. Eastern European Centre/OEZ, HU-DE was founded at the Universität Hohenheim in 1995. Its responsibility is support and co-ordination of interdisciplinary activities within the University’s specific research areas of natural sciences, agricultural sciences and economics concerning Eastern Europe. The Centre’s functions and activities comprise: A broad network of institutionalised co-operations between the Universität Hohenheim and scientific institutions of the Central and Eastern European Countries /CEEC/, the support of students education and further education of junior lecturers and professors from the CEEC, consultation of the restructuring and modernisation of curricula at universities in the CEEC, the co-ordination of various elaborate research co-operators, the collaboration within reform projects in the CEEC in the fields of science, politics and economics in co-operation with the federal ministries and European Commission as well as national and international organisations. The Eastern Europe Centre of the University of Hohenheim is currently Partner in three Leonardo da Vinci Pilot Projects (RO/B/F/PP141028, RO/01/B/F/PP-141072, SK/01/B/F/PP-142243).

Its specific role in the TracoEcoBalt Project:

  • Creation a stable linkage between the Baltic States agricultural advisory system and organic agriculture academic community,

  • Organizing 5-day seminar to study competencies of vocational training in agrarian sector of Baden-Württemberg land,

  • Preparation of CD-ROM version of methodical material Agricultural counsellors training competence in Baden-Württemberg land,

  • Reviewing programme curriculum and teaching text afterwards,

  • Participation in the testing of the vocational training materials and doing adjustments if necessary,

  • Participation in evaluation and dissemination activities of the project according to the work programme.

For more details please visit http://www.uni-hohenheim.de

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