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Project aim

Latvia University of Agriculture/LUA-LV was established as an independent higher education institution in 1939. LUA provides education, research, extension and continuing education in agriculture, food industry and forestry. The university has 7 faculties.

The research activities of the university focus on plant growing and agricultural technologies research, animal nutrition, management and welfare, water management, environmental protection and sustainable agriculture production. Pedagogical and research staff include 700 lectures, 93 of them professors. University carries out two stages of studies - basic bachelor and higher - MSc and PhD. Total university have 8000 students including including 450 Msc and 140 PhD students.

The role of Latvia University of Agriculture in the project:

  • Creation a stable linkage between the Baltic States agricultural advisory system and organic agriculture academic community,

  • Selection the methodology and creation a detailed curricula of the modules: Organic crop production and horticulture & Economics and marketing in ecological farming,

  • Preparation of the vocational training material according the concrete curriculum requirement,

  • Participation in the testing of the vocational training materials and do adjustments if necessary,

  • Participation in organization the workshops and the conferences in the frame of the project,

  • Participation in evaluation and dissemination activities of the project according to the work programme.

For more details please visit http://www.cs.llu.lv

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