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The Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service/LAAS-LT was established on 1 June 1993. On 3 June 1997 the Advisory Service was reorganized into a non-profit public institution - the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service. Founders of Service: Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuanian Farmers' Union, Lithuanian Association of Agricultural Companies.

The Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service and its offices cover all Lithuania. The Advisory Service was established in the very centre of Lithuania - a small town of Akademija, Dotnuva administrative unit, Kedainiai district. There are advisory offices (branches) in every district. In total there are 44 offices employing 3 to 7 specialists (in total about 276): advisers for farm economy, animal husbandry, plant production, buildings and machinery and rural tourism. Farmers are provided with qualified services and consultations in traditional plant production, animal husbandry, farm accounting and economy, agricultural building construction, mechanization and other issues. In addition, the advisers arrange courses, seminars and help farmers to implement the results of joint projects with the Lithuanian and foreign partners. That stimulates farmers to take optimum solutions and to increase farm competitiveness. The Advisory Service has its specialized subdivisions for: animal husbandry and horticulture, which provide qualified help (information) according to different fields of activities.

Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service’s role in the Project:

  • Creation of a stable linkage between the Baltic States agricultural advisory system and organic agriculture academic community,

  • Assistance in preparation of the vocational training curriculum,

  • Assistance in establishment of the system and technology of the new learning and teaching methods,

  • Participation in the testing of the vocational training materials and doing adjustments if necessary,

  • Participation in the implementation and dissemination activities as a main target group of the project outgrowth,

  • Participation in organization the workshops and the conferences in the frame of the project.

For more details please visit http://www.lzukt.lt

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