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Project aim

Kaunas College/KC-LT has four faculties and three study centres to take carry of 39 study programs. The number of students during the past few years has increased from 1200 up to 7200 and now it is the second biggest college in Lithuania.

The institution is undergoing essential changes at present, namely, in the fields of strategy, human resource development, organisational structure, management, curricula and quality assurance. The general plan for the strategic development of Kaunas College is defined by it's mission: to create, accumulate and disseminate scientific knowledge and cultural values, to foster the uniqueness of natural culture, and to develop the individual and society. The main functions of the College are to prepare students for future activities and to develop their creative powers, critical thinking, and decision-making and business communication skills. Kaunas College strategy has adopted such European dimensions as fostering principles of open society, democracy, and study process modernisation, international exchange. Studies are organised in 5 faculties and 2 study centers. Kaunas College pays much attention to the role of social partners in educational system of the college. Certain Curricula Committees have been found, which involve representatives from professional associations, employers, universities and other social partners. They participate in practical training of the students.

The role of Kaunas College in the project:

  • Creation of a stable linkage between the Baltic States agricultural advisory system and organic agriculture academic community,

  • Participation in preparing detailed curricula for the Agri-environment module,

  • Preparation of the specific chapter for vocational training material according the concrete curriculum requirement,

  • Participation in the testing of the vocational training materials and do adjustments if necessary,

  • Participation in organization the workshops and the conferences in the frame of the project,

  • Participation in evaluation and dissemination activities of the project according to the work programme.

For more details please visit http://www.kauko.lt

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