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Estonian Organic Farming Foundation
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Project aim

Estonian Organic Farming Foundation (EOFF) is private NGO established in 2000. The main aim of the organization is to promote organic agriculture and enhance organic farming development in Estonia.

Main activities of Estonian Organic Farming Foundation include: implementation organic farmers' and advisors' training; preparation of different information materials on organic farming and organic products; promotion and research activities; networking between different stakeholders.

Estonian Organic Farming Foundation is involved in several international research and development projects. Estonian Organic Farming Foundation is the member of IFOAM and is the Estonian representative in IFOAM EU Group.

The role in the Project:

  • Creation of a stable linkage between the Baltic States agricultural advisory system and organic agriculture academic community,

  • Assistance in preparation of the vocational training curriculum,

  • Assistance in establishment of the system and technology of the new learning and teaching methods,

  • Participation in the testing of the vocational training materials and doing adjustments if necessary,

  • Participation in the implementation and dissemination activities as a main target group of the project outgrowth,

  • Participation in organization the workshops and the conferences in the frame of the project.

Activities schedule
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